SILIZON is today one of North India's leading EMS companies. Our most excellent in class equipment and highly experience team ensure the best quality PCB assembly. Prefer SILIZON if you require the best quality PCB assembly for your electronic products. In the last 2.5 years SILIZON is working with a number of customers in the following sectors :

Telecom & I.T Sector

Mobile phones, Tablet, Pendrives, Computer mother boards, Epon, Network boosters, Signal repeaters, Routers, Gas sensors and many more…

Consumer Electronics Product:

LED TV, Set-Top box, AC / Washing machine display & control panels, MPEG-4, MP-3 & Bluetooth boards etc

Security Sector

CCTV cameras, DVR / NVR, Vehicle tracking systems (GPS)..

Power & Energy Sector

Smart energy meters, Pre-paid energy meters (single & three phase), UPS, Inverter, Mobile chargers, Adapters, Power bank, voltage stabilizer etc..

Solar / LED Lighting Sector

Solar charge controller, LED bulbs, Down lighters, LED drivers, LED strips.

Medical Sector

Advanced wound care therapy kits,

Defence Sector :

Controlling boards & Control panels for Radars, RF boards, Digital RF meters.

Indian Railways & Delhi Metro Rail Sector

Display boards, broadcasting boards, Control panels, Power backup boards and many more…